Buttons Different Size

SmallDeafult BigExtraBig

[button text="Small" size="small" /]
[button link="#" text="Deafult" /]
[button text="Big" size="big" /]
[button text="ExtraBig" size="extrabig" /]

Buttons Color Scheme


[button link="#" text="Gray" color="gray" /]
[button link="#" text="White" color="white" /]
[button link="#" text="Orange" color="orange" /]
[button link="#" text="Red" color="red" /]
[button link="#" text="Blue" color="blue" /]
[button link="#" text="Rosy" color="rosy" /]
[button link="#" text="Green" color="green" /]
[button link="#" text="Pink" color="pink" /]
[button link="#" text="Purple" color="purple" /]
[button link="#" text="Black" color="black" /]


  • link (link to follow when clicked)
  • text  (Button Text)
  • color (buttom color)
  • size: small, big, extra big
  • class (class attribute)
  • id (id attribute)
  • target: _blank ,
  • icon (icon full link )
  • title (buttom tittle)
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